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Religious Publishing and Print Culture in Modern China, 1800-2012
Edited by Philip Clart and Gregory Adam Scott. Boston; Berlin: De Gruyter, 2015.

Pile of religious books

An edited volume that examines the role played by print culture in several Chinese religious traditions from the late Qing to the contemporary period. Each chapter demonstrates how focusing on the role of publishing among religious groups in modern China generates new insights and raises new questions. They examine how religious actors understood the role of printed texts in religion, dealt with issues of translation and exegesis, produced print media that heralded social and ideological changes, and expressed new self-understandings in their published works. They also address the impact of new technologies, such as mechanized movable type and lithographic presses, in the production and meaning of religious texts. Finally, the chapters identify where religious print culture crossed confessional lines, connecting religious traditions through links of shared textual genres, commercial publishing companies, and the contributions of individual editors and authors.

This book thus demonstrates how, in embracing modern print media and building upon their longstanding traditional print cultures, Christian, Buddhist, Daoist, and popular religious groups were developed and defined in modern China. While the chapter authors are specialists in religious traditions, they have made use of recent studies into publishing and print culture, and like many of the subjects of their research, are able to make connections across religious boundaries and link together seemingly discrete traditions.

Table of Contents

Gregory Adam Scott and Philip Clart
Print Culture and Religion in Chinese History

George Kam Wah Mak
Chapter One:
The Colportage of the Protestant Bible in Late Qing China: The Example of the British and Foreign Bible Society

Joseph Tse-Hei Lee and Christie Chui-Shan Chow
Chapter Two:
Publishing Prophecy: A Century of Adventist Print Culture in China

Gregory Adam Scott
Chapter Three:
Navigating the Sea of Scriptures: The Buddhist Studies Collectanea, 1918–1923

Rostislav Berezkin
Chapter Four:
Printing and Circulating “Precious Scrolls” in Early Twentieth-Century Shanghai and its Vicinity: Toward an Assessment of Multifunctionality of the Genre

Yau Chi-on (Translated by Philip Clart)
Chapter Five:
The Xiantiandao and Publishing in the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Area from the Late Qing to the 1930s: The Case of the Morality Book Publisher Wenzaizi

Wang Chien-Chuan (Translated by Gregory Adam Scott)
Chapter Six:
Morality Book Publishing and Popular Religion in Modern China: A Discussion Centered on Morality Book Publishers in Shanghai

Paul R. Katz
Chapter Seven:
Illuminating Goodness – Some Preliminary Considerations of Religious Publishing in Modern China

Publisher's webpage

The Publishing of Buddhist Books for Beginners in Modern China from Yang Wenhui to Master Sheng Yen
中國近代歷史上的佛學入門書籍出版事業 – 從楊文會居士至聖嚴法師而言.
Shengyan yanjiu 聖嚴研究 (Sheng Yen Studies), Vol. 5 (2014).

Cover of Chan Magazine

"This paper examines three creators of Chinese-language Buddhist introductory texts, each of whom sought to connect their deep knowledge of the Buddhist textual corpus with the interests and needs of the novice student: Yang Wenhui 楊文會 (1837 – 1911), who helped resurrect Buddhist scriptural publishing in the decades following the Taiping rebellion; Ding Fubao 丁福保 (1874 – 1952), a physician and bibliophile who drew upon his extensive personal collection of rare books to provide citations for his annotations; and Master Sheng Yen 聖嚴法師 (1930 – 2009), whose English-language books are presently among the most popular introductory texts to Buddhism."

Portions of this paper are based on chapter four of my 2013 dissertation.

Chinese Buddhist Publishing and Print Culture, 1900-1950.
In Oxford Bibliographies in Buddhism, edited by Richard Payne. New York: Oxford University Press, March 2013.

Part of Oxford Bibliographies Online, this is an annotated bibliography of primary and secondary sources on the study of Buddhist print culture in early twentieth-century China. Readers need either a personal subscription to the OBO service, or access through an institution with a subscription.

Timothy Richard, World Religion, and Reading Christianity in Buddhist Garb.
Social Sciences and Missions 25 (2012): 53-75.

Timothy Richard in 1884

Timothy Richard 李提摩太 (1845 - 1919) was a Welsh Baptist missionary who spent forty years in China and who wrote extensively in English on Chinese religions, including Buddhism. His published works include Guide to Buddhahood: Being a Standard Manual of Chinese Buddhism (Shanghai: Christian Literature Society, 1907) and New Testament of Higher Buddhism (Edinburgh: T.&T. Clark, 1910).

Download an offprint PDF edition of:
Gregory Adam Scott. "Timothy Richard, World Religion, and Reading Christianity in Buddhist Garb." Social Sciences and Missions 25 (2012), pp. 53-75.
Copyright © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2012.

Also available is an additional section on Timothy Richard's political writings in Chinese that was not able to be included in the print version of the article: "Famine and Political Reform in China".

The Buddhist Nationalism of Dai Jitao 戴季陶.
Journal of Chinese Religions, No. 39 (2011): 55-81.

Dai Jitao

Examines the relationship of the revolutionary and politican Dai Jitao 戴季陶 to Buddhism, with a particular focus on the National Salvation rituals on Baohua Mountain 寶華山 that he arranged in 1931 and 1933.

The Dharma Through a Glass Darkly: On the Study of Modern Chinese Buddhism through Protestant Missionary Sources
Shengyan yanjiu 聖嚴研究 (Sheng Yen Studies), Vol. 2 (July, 2011): 47-73.

Illustration from Hampden C. DuBose, The Dragon, Image, and Demon, p. 257

A paper examining issues related to the study of Chinese Buddhism through accounts written by Christian missionaries.

Revised electronic edition available at the Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism:
Gregory Adam Scott, "The Dharma Through a Glass Darkly: On the Study of Modern Chinese Buddhism through Protestant Missionary Sources 彷彿對著鏡子觀看的佛法:藉由基督教傳教士的史料研究現代中國佛教", Shengyan yanjiu 聖嚴研究, Vol. 2 (July, 2011): 47-73.

The DMCB has a small bibliography of mission studies of Buddhism in China.

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